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Damini Mistry | Exams, Stress and Psoriasis

Stress is known to be a common trigger for a psoriasis flare-up, and any form of stress will cause my psoriasis to break out. Last year, when I was finishing off my undergraduate degree, my skin went through its worst due to the stress of final exams and assignments. I have spent the last three months writing up my Masters thesis and this time round, I was determined to not let my psoriasis take control. I’m not going to say don’t stress, because that is impossible! I have, however, found ways in which you can reduce or control your stress. So in this blog post I will share my top tips of dealing with the stress when it comes to studying.


1. Drink plenty of water

I know it sounds silly, but it is important to keep hydrated. It is good for your general well being. Also, keeping hydrated means you’re less likely to get a headache, and will therefore be able to stay on track with work. This ties in with eating well too. Although I know it can be difficult sometimes as a student.


2. Think positively

Keep telling yourself you can do it. I know there are times whilst you’re studying where you’ve just had enough and you feel like giving up. But thinking positively gets me through those tough times.


3. Plan your work

Set yourself a study schedule, plan your work systematically and set yourself daily goals to reach. That way you are less likely to fall behind on your work and it’s less stressful. Within your work plan, schedule in time off from your work too. While I was writing my thesis over the summer, I tried to keep to a schedule of working solid 9am to 5pm and then having the evenings to myself and I could plan to meet friends and do something fun.


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4. Have regular breaks…

Do something that will take your mind off your work. It’s important to have frequent breaks whilst you’re studying. It’s easier to stay focused and it is more productive. There are loads of things you can do. I de-stress by going for walks. It gets me out the house, away from my work and I’m getting fresh air. Another thing that worked for me was playing a game on my phone. I also like to chill out in coffee shops (I’m a big coffee lover!!). But there are plenty of things you can do, such as listening to music, reading a book, meditating, going to the gym, and the list goes on. Colouring books are also really popular now, for the purpose of unwinding and de-stressing.

Exam stress and psoriasis


5. Keep to a regular sleeping pattern

It is important to get a good amount of sleep. Not only to keep stress levels to a minimum and control your psoriasis, but also for your overall health. I used to be able to do all-nighters, but not anymore. I need my sleep! Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.


6. Make studying fun

Study with friends or study in an environment that will make you feel comfortable. Go to different places to study, sometimes the change of scenery helps too. Especially if you’re having a bad time with your psoriasis, studying with friends will take your mind of your skin and reduce the stress you’re feeling. If you’re studying during the summer, take your books out in the sun with you. That way you’re also getting your fix of vitamin D for your psoriasis.

Exams, Stress and Psoriasis


7. Talk to someone

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or if there’s something on your mind, it’s best to talk to someone, whether it be a friend, family member, a classmate or a doctor, and let it all out. Whenever I used to feel stressed, I used to bottle it up, which wasn’t good as it only aggravated the psoriasis even more.


8. Become your psoriasis’ friend

My final and key top tip is to become friends with your psoriasis, get to know and understand it. What works best for one person's psoriasis, will not work for another person. Only you know what is best for your skin, so give your psoriasis the care it needs. Knowing your psoriasis can give you a sense of control over it. Keep at the treatment you’re taking and keep moisturising!

These are just some of the small things I do to reduce my stress levels, especially during periods of intense revision and studying. But see what works for you and work out your own plan. I wish all those that are studying a good start to the semester.

For more tips and inspiration read my blog Surviving with Psoriasis and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


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