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Can clothing choice affect psoriasis?

Research has highlighted that around 40% of psoriasis sufferers choose clothes that cover up their skin disease. However, choice of wardrobe attire for those with psoriasis goes beyond just concealing the visible symptoms.

Experts believe the types of clothes someone with psoriasis wears can also have an impact on their symptoms, and may even aggravate the skin, causing flare-ups. So, just what should you wear to help alleviate the symptoms of this skin disease?

Lightweight and loose

When your skin is dry, cracked or bleeding, it is important to avoid wearing clothes that may rub against any sore or inflamed areas, in case they cause further aggravation. Sticking to lightweight, loose clothing that does not feel too tight is a good option in this instance.

Choose cotton

The material of the clothes you wear may also impact on your symptoms, with cotton being one of the best fabrics to focus your wardrobe on. Cotton is breathable, so doesn't trap moisture or heat, while synthetic fabrics or wool tend to retain moisture and heat against your skin, which can lead to irritation and rubbing against inflamed areas.

Pale colours and patterns

Some people with psoriasis feel self-conscious if their skin is very flaky, especially if patches of skin become visible on their clothing. You can reduce the visible impact of flaky skin patches by avoiding dark clothes, and instead opting for lighter colours with patterns.

Fragrance-free laundry

It's not just the choice of clothing that may have an impact on your skin condition, but how you wash them may also make a difference. Laundry products that contain perfumes may irritate the skin, so stick to fragrance-free detergents if possible. You may also find liquid detergents a better option than solid tablet detergents, as they dissolve easier and are less likely to leave any molecules sticking to the fabric.

Confidence boost

The important thing when choosing your wardrobe attire if you suffer from psoriasis is that you feel comfortable in your skin, and your clothes help to make you feel and look good. Your mental health living with a skin disease such as psoriasis can be compromised, so when you take the time to feel positive about the clothes you wear, it can boost your general wellbeing.

With appropriate management of this condition, and effective psoriasis treatment, there's no reason you can't enjoy wearing whatever makes you feel good.

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