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How to Get Smooth & Soft Hands & Feet

Itchy skin … red, flaky patches … whether it’s psoriasis, eczema, or simply very dry skin, nothing will make you feel like hiding from summer more than problem skin. Fortunately, relief is most definitely at hand, or wherever you need it most, with Flexitol Hand Balm and Flexitol Moisturizing Foot Cream.

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s a good time to pay attention to your body’s largest organ -- your skin. If your skin is causing you distress or discomfort, you’re not the only one. Psoriasis alone affects about 125 million people worldwide.

For many of those people, the biggest problem isn’t the intense itch, or the flaky skin -- it’s the way psoriasis separates you from the world. And that’s true of so many skin conditions.

In fact, that’s the real heartbreak of psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin -- not just the physical anguish and discomfort, but the emotional distance it creates between you and those around you.

It’s even more common for those whose skin problems manifest mostly on the hands or feet to experience an increasing lack of confidence.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the hands are doorway. When we meet people, we shake hands. Our hands are a large part of how we  connect with each other. And when your hands are inflamed, irritated, and red, it feels like that’s all anyone can see.

And your feet literally move you through your day. When they’re dry, cracked, painful, and irritated, it’s hard to feel grounded or to concentrate on anything else except how uncomfortable you are.

Even if you’re not actually the center of unwanted attention, sometimes it just feels that way. It’s why some of us with psoriasis and other visible skin conditions have mastered the art of wearing long sleeves year-round.

As a result, it’s easy to sometimes wind up isolating yourself even further, feeling insecure and anxious even thinking about going out in social situations where you might be made to feel even more isolated and alone.



It’s crucial to keep in mind that psoriasis and many other skin conditions can be managed and minimised. The right kind of moisturiser is an essential part of your healthy skin treatment plan, and it can also help bridge that social gap you might feel.


Flexitol Hand Balm and Flexitol Moisturizing Foot Cream are two formulations that can offer immediate, noticeable relief for psoriasis and other skin conditions that require moisture care.

Both products contain 10% urea, which dermatologists and researchers agree is an essential ingredient of effective keratolytics -- i.e., moisturisers that can also help lift the scaly patches that are so visible in psoriasis, eczema and intense skin dryness.

Relief is at hand -- literally! Why not try Flexitol yourself, either in the rich Hand Balm or the super-moisturizing foot and leg cream formula?

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