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Avoid an eczema flare-up this summer holiday season

Summer's here - and for eczema sufferers, that only means one thing - itchier skin. With rising temperatures comes especially irritated skin - so if you're jetting away, keep your eczema under control.

Wear looser clothing

As the warm weather approaches, it's important to give your skin room to breathe. So if you're visiting anywhere particularly hot, avoid wearing anything tight. Instead, opt for loose, cotton clothing in soft fabrics. That way, you won't feel as sweaty, clothing won't rub against your skin, and you'll feel a little cooler.

Take a relaxing break

Despite the risks of worsening eczema, Summer's the perfect time to book a holiday - and even more so when you know how to manage your it. Stress and eczema are closely linked - so it's important to take that well-needed break - giving your mind and skin a breather. Just make sure you're applying hypoallergenic suncream and that you regularly moisture to stop your skin from becoming dry and sunburnt. Take a dip in the sea too. The salt in the water is great for improving symptoms and repairing the broken skin.

Keep your room cool

Spending a lot of time in the hotel? While you're in your room, stay cool by keeping the air-conditioning on at all times. Just make sure it's not on too high, as this can further dry out your skin. Try to keep humidity levels to around 50% if you can.

Rinse off sand and chlorine

Everyone loves seaside holidays - but while you're in the hotel pool or making sandcastles with the children, you need to be careful. Should any chlorine or sand come in contact with your skin, wash it off straight away. While they won't necessarily cause a rash, it's best to wash them off your skin as a safety measure.

Stay away from pollen

If you have hayfever and eczema, you'll find it doubly difficult to deal with pollen. So to alleviate further discomfort, keep the doors and windows in your hotel room closed - especially when the pollen count is particularly high.

If you'd like more advice on how to manage eczema, let us know. HelloSkin has a wide range of products designed to help you deal with your condition better - so you can live a happier, healthier life. Simply shop by your need, type or ingredient - but if you're unsure on the most suitable option, you may find it useful to try our visual product finder.

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