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8 Acne Superfoods Aiding Your Skin From The Inside And Out

If you have acne-prone skin you’ll know how difficult it is to soothe and lessen your symptoms. Not everything works for everybody and shuffling between different products in order to find a fit that’s right for you can be exhausting.

Perhaps it’s time to try and shift your focus to a more holistic method?
Studies have shown that there are links between your diet and the condition of your acne and in this post we look into some of the foods you should avoid and highlight some healthy superfoods that can help clear up your complexion.

Get more of the good stuff

Make sure your diet consists of lean protein, fibers and healthy oils and try and fill your fridge with healthy foods containing some of the following components, that will help fuel your skin when eaten as part of a nutritious diet:
  • Amino acids: they support cell growth, which play a role in regenerating your skin, keeping it firm
  • Food with anti-inflammatory properties: that might help fight off infections and allergic reactions.
  • Antioxidants: these will aid your skin in fighting off environmental stressors by supporting the natural cell cycle and metabolism.

Afraid all of this means you’ll be on a restrictive diet? - Don’t be. It’s pretty simple to break down what you shouldn’t eat. Here’s a quick and handy overview of the healthy, nutritious and natural foods to be aware of (and the not so good ones to avoid): 


Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are full of omega 3. These fatty acids support your cell membranes thus enhancing their ability to rebuild and protect your skin. You can get the same omega 3 acids from other sources too, for example oily fish and walnut. Or you can opt to take daily Omega 3 supplements if you find it hard to fit these ingredients into your daily diet.

Avocados have long been known for being a healthy ingredient and its praise is well grounded. It contains both fatty acids, vitamin c, vitamin e and antioxidants, making these deliciously creamy fruits green health-bombs for your skin.

Green tea
Ever feel like a cup of tea can be almost therapeutic? Well, you skin feels the same way. Stick to green tea and you’ll get a portion of antioxidants protecting your skin from daily environmental stressors.

Brown rice
Steady your blood sugar with these wholegrain and low glycemic seeds. In addition brown rice is a rich source of vitamin b, protein and magnesium and several antioxidants, keeping your skin clear and your stomach full.

This beautiful green herb can be used almost everywhere in your kitchen, and the amount of benefits you’ll gain from adding watercress to your diet is quite remarkable. It contains more than 15 vitamins and minerals: more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than spinach! It will support your liver in detoxing your body, and will strengthen your nails and hair while boosting your skin and complexion as well.

Don't steer clear of the mackerel. This oily fish might be a smelly one but it will load you up on healthy acids supporting your skin’s fight against acne inflammation. You can get some of the same benefits from salmon and even canned sardines, so get fishy!

This curly green contains both vitamins a, b, c, e and k and potent levels of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, protein and - well you get the picture. Make an effort to incorporate kale into your meals and you'll be setting your skin up for a cocktail of skin-clearing goodness.

Oat milk
Looking for a milk-substitute? If you're testing out whether cow's milk is causing some of your acne, it’s nice to have a good alternative that won’t give you any problems during the process. Oat milk is lactose free and high in vitamin E and fibre making it suitable for supporting healthy skin.


Processed food
If you want to quickly help your complexion, the first step is eliminating or cutting down on processed foods. These include ice-cream, cakes and milked down chocolate, most junk-food, crisps and much more. We know - Sorry...
Cow’s milk
This is a tricky one, we’ll admit. Some studies show that cow’s milk can spike your blood sugar and furthermore it can increase your insulin level, heightening the production of skin oils.
Other studies have found indications of people drinking milk in their teens having a higher prevalence of acne than those who did not. The association between acne and dairy is strongest when related to skim milk/low-fat milk.
It might be worth taking a break from dairy in order to clarify if this can have an effect on your acne. A good step is to try eliminating dairy products for a month’s time and keeping a daily diary of the changes you see and feel. Make sure to speak with your doctor before eliminating any major food groups entirely, they’ll be able to help you plan how to eliminate foods safely without losing out on important nutrients and minerals.

Go explore

Lasltly we want to emphasize that the list of Do’s could go on and you can find much more info on foods that benefit, not only your acne, but so many other of the activities your body upholds. It doesn’t have to be difficult - usually natural is good and processed is bad. Give it a go, and we are sure both both your skin and your body will end up loving you for it.

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