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5 tips to avoid dry skin during flights

The summer holiday season is at full speed! 

Sure, you're thinking; holidays are wonderful, but there’s always that niggling worry about how your skin will fare on the plane. There’s nothing worse than starting a holiday off with an itch or a new patch of dry skin.

Aeroplanes, especially long-haul flights, can cause dehydration, due to the low humidity in the cabin and the recycled air. So here are some tips on how to make it to your destination unscathed.

1. Increase your water intake

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to neglect this one - especially on a long-haul flight, when you may have to clamber over the passenger next to you to refill your water. However, it’s essential to stay hydrated, so drink plenty of hydrating fluids such as water or coconut water. Go easy on coffee and alcohol, as they can have a detrimental effect.

2. Moisturise

Your skin will suffer from the low humidity in the cabin, so keep it hydrated with a tried-and-tested moisturiser that works for you, and use it at regular intervals.

3. Prepare

The best way to recover quickly from a long flight is to make sure your skin is hydrated in the lead up to the flight. So, exfoliate, moisturise, and eat well beforehand, and you'll be more likely to keep dehydration at bay.

4. Choose a suitable outfit for the flight

Virgin recommends opting for loose clothing made from natural fibres as it allows the skin to breathe and absorbs moisture.

5. Choose a destination that will cause minimal jet lag

Jet lag can cause all sorts of health problems, including anxiety and fatigue, which can exacerbate skin conditions. Choosing destinations that have minimal time difference is a great thing to keep in mind during periods of stress and emotional or physical discomfort. Europe and Africa are both good destinations as there's only an hour or two time difference from the UK.

Follow these five steps and enjoy your hard-earned holiday.

Image credit: Smit Patel, Unsplash Community

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