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5 common acne myths busted

Acne is a complex condition. There are many types of acne, from occurring in random outbreaks to more persistent and prolonged problems. Diagnosing and treating acne isn't always the same, or simple, and misconceptions surrounding the skin condition can make those with it feel worse. Here are the top 5 acne myths debunked.

1) Acne is caused by a poor diet

50% of those who suffer from acne have been told or heard that it is caused by eating too much chocolate. This is inherently untrue. A balanced and healthy diet is recommended to everyone in life, but there is no evidence that a poor diet will result in acne, so there is no need to deny yourself a treat.

2) Squeezing spots is the best way to get rid of acne

Almost 40% of those who suffer from acne have heard that squeezing spots is the best solution. You shouldn't squeeze or scratch your spots as this can worsen the situation and lead to inflammation and potential scarring. Acne scars can mark you for life, both emotionally and physically, therefore it's extremely important to avoid scarring by popping spots.

3) Only teenagers get acne

Teenagers, you are not alone! Even though around 90% of teenagers experience acne, it can seem like they're the dominant force, however, 30-40% of adults experience acne. There is a higher chance of adult women experiencing acne as it's in direct correlation to hormonal fluctuations which women naturally experience more of than men.

4) Toothpaste is an effective treatment for acne

Almost 50% of those who suffer from acne have used or considered using toothpaste as a treatment. Whilst drying out the skin may seem like an effective solution, it's not. Using a harsh substance can lead to unnecessary pain as toothpaste was designed for your teeth - not your skin. Try opting for a treatment that is smoother on your skin.

5) The sun clears up your acne

If only it was that simple. Unfortunately, the sun is not your friend. This is true of direct sunbathing, sunbeds and sunlamps. There is no evidence that using sunbeds, sunlamps or even enjoying sunbathing can improve acne - instead, they are associated with an increased risk of skin damage and development of skin cancer.

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