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New year, same you? 3 products that can help change psoriatic skin for the better.

Chronic skin conditions can be tough to deal with and useful advice is hard to find because the affected areas and severity differs from person to person.

From the insight HelloSkin is provided by our amazing users, we can see that you are especially affected on 3 body areas: Scalp, hands and feet. In this article we'll try and help you make 2018 the year you get the symptoms under control and find some skin relief through the use of soothing products and preventive skincare regimens.

Scale down

According to the Psoriasis Foundation at least half the people who have psoriasis have it on their scalp. Scalp psoriasis is harder to hide than plaques that appear elsewhere on the body. Wearing a hat can be a solution, but if your condition is severe, taking hats on and off can cause irritation to your skin and even provoke the Koebner phenomenon.

It’s time to stop hiding and take action! Begin the process by removing the thick scales from your scalp. This is a really important first step that will ensure that whatever subsequent products you use are able to actually penetrate through your lesions and relief the underlying skin. In our Q&A post, one of our medical experts guides you through how best to prepare your scalp for further treatment.

One of the reasons scalp psoriasis can be hard to deal with is of course the fact that you can’t use soothing creams on your scalp as you can with skin elsewhere on your body, at least not without being left with very greasy hair!

Our medical team have found a great product that can help solve this issue. The Eucerin scalp treatment can be used daily on both wet and dry scalps, both morning and evening if necessary.

This product serves up several beneficial ingredients such as Urea and lactic acid, helping your skin to replenish and hold in moisture. In order to ease red and inflamed skin it also contains licorice extract, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides treatment that not only prevents flaking but also calms the itching at the same time.

Apply the liquid directly to the entire scalp, gently massaging it in. As it’s a leave-in products you can proceed with styling your hair as usual, once you’ve finished the treatment. 

Stay hands on

Experiencing the red, scaly and thickened skin of psoriasis on your hands can feel particularly painful and can make even simple tasks that involve using your hands difficult.

The psychological pains are not to be discarded either: our hands are what we greet others with - a situation that might feel uncomfortable to you, both due to pain and because of symptoms causing you to feel overly self-conscious.

Time to shake some hands! Make sure to soothe flare-ups on your hands as quickly as possible and remember that if it's particularly severe you might need topical treatment prescribed from your physician. To prevent and aid you hands in the long run and avoid future flare-ups our medical team have found the Aveeno skin relief cream.

It serves to protect and restore your hands and it contains a unique triple oat complex, which means it aids your skin by helping it restore its natural barrier and reduce moisture loss. Oatmeal has been shown to improve scaling, roughness and itch intensity and through regular use your hands should start feeling healthier and less tight. 

Happy feet

Deep cracks, bleeding, scaly plaques and pain from walking are some of the symptoms of psoriatic feet.

As our feet are contained in the closed environments of our shoes for many hours during the day it is important to be aware of hygiene in order to avoid worsening your condition, for example, by avoiding fungal infections. Remember to change your socks and shoes regularly and keep your nails trimmed and clean as well in order to prevent irritation.

Incorporate a daily treatment regime with an emollient that can ease your symptoms and support your skin’s natural functions.

Our medical team have picked Dermatonics Once Heel Balm suitable for rough and cracked skin. It’s free of many common irritants and artificial colorants and contains 25% urea thus providing a rich moisturizing effect. This will help the skin stay hydrated while restoring it’s natural balance leaving it smooth and replenished!

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