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Staphefekt (Eczema)

Staphefekt is an antibacterial compound. It was originally isolated from a bacteriophage, which can be thought of as the equivalent of the virus in the human situation. Staphefekt is proposed to target and kill specifically the Staphylococcus aureus, which is often found over-represented in areas on the skin covered with eczema1.

Level of evidence: C

There has been one case study reporting that when Staphefekt was used with a corticosteroid treatment, it helped to improve the superinfection with S aureus in one patient with nummular eczema2. One clinical study is currently investigating if this can help reduce the need for corticosteroids in mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis3. The results from that study will be made available on HelloSkin in due course.

The concentration of an ingredient is important for its efficacy, and therefore products containing the same ingredient may not necessarily have the same effect as in the studies mentioned above.

Updated: July 2017


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