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Kigelia Africana (Psoriasis)

Kigelia africana is a tree found in most of sub-Saharan Africa. The roots, bark and fruits of the tree have been used for centuries for reviving the skin in general1. Recent research has shown that it is very effective as a healing agent for skin diseases. The fruit extracts not...

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Allantoin (Psoriasis)

Allantoin is an emollient known to improve dry or scaly skin and increase the skin’s barrier function. Furthermore, allantoin has...

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Staphefekt (Eczema)

Staphefekt is an antibacterial compound. It was originally isolated from a bacteriophage, which can be thought of as the equivalent...

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Staphefekt (Psoriasis)

Staphefekt™, developed by Micreos, is the world’s first bacteria-killing enzymes (known as endolysins) available for human use on intact skin....

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Lauromacrogols (Eczema)

Lauromacrogols are chemical compounds that, when added to some moisturisers, are believed to possess anti-itch properties. Level of evidence: C...

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